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Daisy Shrivels


Nice! This is very similar to the two Core solo Daisy deck that I am currently using. I have the following changes: - 1 Medical Texts - I find I don't have the time, need and/or free slots for this. I'd rather avoid taking damage in the first place! But I think an upgrade of an Overpower to Bulletproof Vest is a good idea to increase health. - 2 Working a Hunch - I don't think Daisy needs much in terms of Intellect boosts and I'm so confident of her ability to Investigate that I'd rather just take two actions to Investigate, than draw and pay two dollars for this. - 1 Overpower - The Knives are only a fall-back for when you don't have or don't want to use Shrivelling, and even then I am likely to throw them with Mind Over Matter, so don't really need this. +1 Research Librarian - I mulligan everything to get this or Old Book of Lore in the opening hand. Old Book of Lore plus Daisy's ability is the heart of this deck's engine and I want it in play asap. +2 Guts - With Shrivelling and Holy Rosary these make Daisy a very capable fighter. +1 Manual Dexterity - Just in case really. Combined with unneeded Research Librarians it balances out Daisy's Agility.
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Thanks for the feedback! Been playing a couple of times since I published the deck and made the change to put in one guts instead of scrying. It really delivered so I am going to try your suggestion of exchanging the couple of working a hunch with another guts, as well as a second research librarian. Working a hunch has been working quite good for me, but I see the point in taking them out, especially for the last scenario. Upgrading the medical texts or one overpower for a bulletproof vest also seems like a really good suggestion.