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Daisy Walker the card Drawing Librarian

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Not sure I like Medical Texts myself, too much risk of failing that check. I'd go for 2 Old Book of Lore instead.

I like Milan Christopher and Magnifying Glass too much not to include them myself, would lose Art Student and Emergency Cache for them. Of course, that makes La assistant less appealing so is arguably a different build, less about draw.
Apr 18 2017 02:05 AM

Thanks for the comment. I took your advice and added Dr. Milan. I only have one copy because he's easy to find with all the card draw. I removed art students and the medical text for another book of lore and one shrivelling spell as well. Magnifying glass is awesome, but the deck is already fantastic at investigating and intelligence bonus from it doesn't help any of the combo effects. 


The deck really shines after you complete one scenario and buy the higher education (3 experience) permanent card. From there, you can pretty much build this deck into whatever you want. An aggressive mage or a support mage. The card draw will give you plenty of options. 


Anyway.... thanks for the advice. I feel this is a much improved deck now.