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Jim's Swansong (SA)

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Why not machete over switchblade? The main purpose is to have a reliable way to fight, correct? Seems like that or a fireaxe would be better. I like machete because even the situation where you're engaged with multiple enemies leaves you pretty **** on Jim regardless if you don't have a damage spell or blinding light anyway and switch blade won't help much. I really like the guard dog idea, by the way. But I'd prefer drawn to the flame or tite of seeking to perception. Perception has card draw and versatility but drawn to the flame gets you 2 clues and can bypass a locked door or fog in the process. Those are my main notes, though with this deck needing 29 exp... I personally don't find emergency cache lv2 as helpful. Usually when I'm hoping to draw it it's for resources I need for cards o already have and more cards won't necessarily help unless they're the absolute perfect card. Obviously it's still good but an easy place to cut exp imo. But the real question is how do you intend to play this? Linked campaign from The Gathering all the way through the new set coming out? Solo? Duo? Jim is a pretty versatile character but it's difficult to set him up to do EVERYTHING. If you're going to be playing solo I'd definitely run an arcane initiate or Alyssa Gram and throw in a charisma over blood pact or something. The ability to sift for spells or bottom deck a weakness or scout for a card you know you can't handle is amazing for solo play. The extra doom can complicate things but time on the initiate can fix that and simply knowing your next daw is powerful. And you can discard her for a guard dog or something before the doom takes over. You could also run blood pact anyway plus a moonlight ritual or 2 in lieu of Rosaries and just abuse blood pact and/or Alyssa.
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One more side note: running Defiance on Jim is incredibly useful since he already ignores skull icons. The fact that you can even ignore the "ancient one" icon is amazing... it's basically an auto fail in itself... and before then it basically makes it so you only have to get to +2 in order to succeed, barring an auto fail. I'd recommend them over unexpected courage if this is a solo campaign deck on easy. And I'd keep unexpected courage if it's co-op and/or standard+.
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Oct 09 2017 06:17 PM

Machete would be nicer to have out on the board than Switchblade, no doubt. I opted for the latter mainly because of the cost -- I don't really want to be relying on a weapon so I don't want to be spending 3 on one that I'm probably only going to use once to get me out of a jam. Plus in a jam scenario it's nice that it's Fast. And Blood Pact can almost guarantee its extra damage.


Path to Carcosa edit: I've replaced the Switchblade with Spirit Athame, reducing Emergency Cache to 1.


Rite of Seeking would compel including Book of Shadows, which might be okay, but makes an already-clunky investigator that much clunkier and the deck that much more expensive. Drawn to the Flame is probably the better include; I mainly didn't include it because in early games (I'm playing this over a campaign as part of a duo, btw; this build is intended to be the end state I'd work toward) I would be running Delve Too Deep and I didn't want to double up on encounter draw. I may slot that in for the Perceptions, good suggestion. Though it hasn't actually happened for me yet I still like the possibility of using a Statue to trigger Look What I Found, which has the same icons as Perception besides.


Clever observation re: Defiance with Jim. As this is for duo play I'll keep the UC in for now, but I'll definitely start paying attention to when/how often I might have preferred a Defiance. Thanks for the comments!