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Pete and Pete are wizards

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Jan 17 2017 09:26 PM

Ashcan is Big Pete and Pete S. is Little Pete. Duke is Ellen...or Petunia...probably Ellen.

I agree with your rite of seeking and shriveling for pete, but I think you are really missing out on not playing scavenging + items to combo with his discard ability.

Jan 18 2017 05:53 PM

That's fair and I struggled with that, but with the items in the deck currently I couldn't justify Scavenging.  I think that would be a different build.  Right now I don't see needing the reoccur items too much and if I discard items to ready Duke and then use Duke later to retrieve stuff from the trash that might be a dubious action trade.  I guess it would be nice to retrieve a destroyed Rosary or Leather Coat.  I'll have to test it to see if it pulls it's weight.  I feel like if I had more items that would like Scavenge like Baseball Bat or something with charges like Flashlight, a firearm, Liquid Courage ... then I'd feel better with the Scavenge include.


I do like Scavenge in Wendy since I usually put more items in there like Baseball Bat, Rabbit's Foot, Leather Coat, .41 and Flashlight and it's a great include in that deck so I am a fan of the card.  I could try and make that deck for Ashcan, but I wanted to try something different and this is something Wendy definitely can't do with her card pool.

I found building "Ashcan" Pete around what happens if you have no access to Duke to be limiting, I tried a very similar deck and just found my self in the position where Rite of Seeking and Shrivelling were dead cards, or that they had been spend when I needed them. Having a backup evasion and movement plan when things get rough is good, then you can work on getting the Duke back and running.


I ended up running Rabbits foot, since if you fail you draw the card to ready Duke, also discardable for [?] and optionally drawn back with scavenging.

Jan 19 2017 06:36 AM

In the deck I ran tonight I put Rabbit's Foot in and it seemed like a good include.  I still like Rite Of Seeking.  I used it quite a bit as an action multiplier.  Between Rite of Seeking, Duke and Look What I Found! it made Ashcan a really effective investigator. 


I'm sold on probably removing Shrivelling and possibly swapping in Scrying which I love.  Either that or Hard Knocks, which I think might be a better idea.  That way I have a repeatable way to boost Duke's strength too. In the build as is I was seeing resources pile up quite a bit.  So HK would be pretty usable.


Maybe also swapping Fire Axe for Baseball Bat considering the changes.  Then Scavenging I think makes a lot of sense.  I feel like with Pete S., Survival Instinct and Lucky! in my deck I'm just fine for Evading enemies.  I usually have an easy enough time doing it when needed and fighting when needed.

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Doesn't Duke take an Ally slot? Meaning that playing Pete causes you to discard Duke... or am I missing something?

Feb 06 2017 04:44 PM

No Duke does not have the Ally icon.  He doesn't take up any slot.