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Zoey the Believer

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This looks like a great deck. I have not been sure what I wanted to do with Zoey, but Rite of Seeking hits the nail on the head!


Personally I am going to swap out 1 binding light for an Old Book or Scrying to get the tech, with the intention of making the deck slightly more smoothly. Personally I am also not a fan of the action efficiency on First Aid, so would prefer 2 Perceptions for when those checks unavoidably land.


The other possibilities I would consider is Hyperawareness, because I love that card paired with Physical Training.

Jan 19 2017 06:55 AM

For First Aid too many times has that save an investigator's life for me to throw it away.  Sometimes you just have no other option to save an investigator from death.  I agree that the action efficiency sucks on it, but I think they want healing to either be really expensive or super risky. It's definitely easier to use in Skids, but I'm gonna leave it in the Zoey deck for now.

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Mar 01 2017 05:49 AM

This looks like a great deck. I have not been sure what I wanted to do with Zoey, but Rite of Seeking hits the nail on the head

Personally, I would swap out blinding light for elusive. They both cost 2, but elusive is fast, provides an auto evade, and a free move.
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Mar 01 2017 06:27 PM

That is actually a great idea.  I hadn't considered it.  Blinding Light gives damage, but Zoey has no problem dealing damage.  The only downside is if you wanted to evade and stay in that location for whatever reason (like you needed to investigate or use a location action there) Elusive can sometimes be an issue.  That said it's an edge case and not the norm.

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Aug 22 2017 02:23 AM

I would suggest that every Zoey deck should have 2 copies of Elusive, minimum 1. It's also a great way to overcome her story weakness, Smite the wicked. If that turns up, you have an immediate answer to get to the other side of the locations (farthest away when drawn). It only takes one monster to trigger.