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In Pursuit of the Living

In Pursuit of the Living In Pursuit of the Living

In Pursuit of the Living

Type: Act
Encounter Set: The Wages of Sin
Clue Threshold: –
[Free]: Flip your location over. (Group limit once per round at each location.)
Clues cannot be discovered at non-
Spectral locations.
Objective – Banish as many Heretics as you can. If there are 4 copies of Unfinished Business in the victory display, advance.
When the last of the ghosts vanishes, she leaves behind a remembrance: something which does not fade along with the rest of her ephemeral form. Curious, you step forward and examine the object. It is a corn husk doll wearing a black cloak, with locks of hair made of red‑dyed yarn. You’re not sure what significance the doll holds, if any...but nonetheless, a pyrrhic truth speaks to you from its expressionless face.
“Was it worth it?” The doll seems to say.
In your Campaign Log, under “Mementos Discovered,” record Corn Husk Doll.
With the mist comes the revenants of the past: witches who were executed hundreds of years ago, and whose hateful spirits have returned to wreak vengeance upon the living. If you can banish them, you might learn more of the coven’s secrets.
Quantity: 1
Number: 165
Illustrator: Alexander Tooth
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