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Type: Agenda
Encounter Set: The Miskatonic Museum
Doom Threshold: 5
Forced – When Hunting Horror enters play: Attach the set-aside copy of Shadow-spawned to it, or add 1 resource to Shadow-spawned if it is already attached.
From the shadows of the museum halls, a terrible creature slithers forth, long and serpentine, and propelled by black leathery wings.
If Hunting Horror is in play, add 1 doom to it.
If Hunting Horror is not in play, search the encounter deck, discard pile, and the void for Hunting Horror and spawn it in Museum Halls, if able. Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.
Dr. Armitage has given the university’s Latin translation of The Necronomicon to his associate, Harold Walsted, the curator of the Miskatonic University Museum. Worried that someone might still be after the book, you have gone to the museum to recover it.
Quantity: 1
Number: 119
Illustrator: Yoann Boissonnet
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