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Springfield M1903

Springfield M1903

Springfield M1903

Type: Asset
Class: Guardian
Cost: 4
Level: 4
Willpower: 0
Intellect: 0
Combat: 1
Agility: 1
Wild: 0
Slot: 2 Hand
Item. Weapon. Firearm.
Uses (3 ammo).
[Action] Spend 1 ammo: Fight. You get +3 [Combat] and deal +2 damage for this attack. Cannot be used to attack enemies engaged with you.
Quantity: 2
Number: 226
Illustrator: Jason Caffoe
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Aug 10 2017 12:57 PM
Does this seem a bit off as a weapon for the stereotypically "tanky" class? If I'm playing with someone running Roland then I want him to be engaging and fighting things, not taking pot shots from a distance. A tad disappointed that this wasn't, say, an upgrade for the .45 Automatic.
Aug 11 2017 02:34 PM

Well you only need a "tank" if you plan on getting hit.  Killing the enemy before it attacks is a pretty good strategy through most of the game with the exception of boss fights.  I actually like this on Roland as he has no requirement of being engaged for his abilities to work.  Same with Mark coming in the next box.  I think it is a bad pick for Zoey since she actively wants to engage enemies.    But using this saves you the action of engaging.  Get a Bandolier and a Machete and you are pretty much all set.

Or you could just pay 2 more resource and another xp for the upgraded version of the Springfield, the lightning gun. No engagement restrictions, same amount of bullets and damage, and 2 more fists. Easy choice.
    • RichardPlunkett likes this
Aug 12 2017 02:20 PM
Yeah especially considering that both are only usable by Guardian characters, it's not as if you have to think about taking a slightly worse options because that's all you could take. Plus the Lightning Gun is WAY COOLER. I can see the point about a pre-emptive strike being valid though. Also not really helpful solo either unless you want to evade first...
    • RichardPlunkett likes this

If you only have 4 exp to spend rather than 5 (or 8 and want 2 copies early) you could get this and then spend later exp to upgrade this to the Lightning Gun though.