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Campus Safety

Campus Safety Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Type: Act
Encounter Set: Extracurricular Activity
Clue Threshold:
Objective – Find and complete an objective on another encounter card.
The monstrous creature lets out a terrible shriek as it succumbs to its wounds and collapses onto the ground. A foul odor emanates from the corpse as its flesh begins to bubble and froth. Your relief turns to disgust as the body begins to shrink and disintegrate. Minutes later, the body has almost entirely evaporated into a sticky mass, and the awful odor has vanished. Inside the remnants of the creature’s body, all you can find is a set of bones – the skeletal structure of a canine.
You have only moments to react. You could warn the students in the dormitories and escort them to safety, or continue your task of searching the faculty offices for Professor Rice. Or, perhaps you could try to slay the beast that threatens the campus.
Quantity: 1
Number: 47
Illustrator: Tomasz Jedruszek
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