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Jenny’s Twin .45s

Jenny’s Twin .45s

•Jenny’s Twin .45s
A Perfect Fit

Type: Asset
Cost: X
Level: 0
Willpower: 0
Intellect: 0
Combat: 0
Agility: 2
Wild: 1
Slot: 2 Hand
Item. Weapon. Firearm.
Jenny Barnes deck only. Uses (X ammo).
[Action] Spend 1 ammo: Fight. You get +2 [Combat] for this attack. This attack deals +1 damage.
“...Say, are those Mr. Donohue’s guns?” Jenny held a pistol over her shoulder and struck a pose. “I think they suit me better than him. Don’t you agree?”
Quantity: 1
Number: 10
Illustrator: John Pacer
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