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Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy Rex Murphy

•Rex Murphy
The Reporter

Type: Investigator
Class: Seeker
Willpower: 3
Intellect: 4
Combat: 2
Agility: 3
Health: 6
Sanity: 9
[Reaction] After you succeed at a skill test by 2 or more while investigating: Discover 1 clue at your location.
[Elder Sign] effect: +2. You may instead choose to automatically fail this skill test to draw 3 cards.
Deck Size: 30.
Deckbuilding Options: Seeker cards ([Seeker]) level 0-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, up to five level 0 cards from any other class.
Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count towards deck size): Search for the Truth, Rex’s Curse, 1 random basic weakness.
Deckbuilding Restrictions: No Fortune cards.
“This time, nothing will stop me from getting at the truth.”
Quantity: 1
Number: 2
Illustrator: Cristi Balanescu
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