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Smite the Wicked

Smite the Wicked

Smite the Wicked

Type: Treachery
Encounter Set: Zoey Samaras
Revelation – Discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until an enemy is discarded. Attach Smite the Wicked to that enemy and spawn it at the location farthest from you.
Forced – When the game ends, if attached enemy is in play: You suffer 1 mental trauma.
Quantity: 1
Number: 7
Illustrator: Preston Stone
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What happens to this card if there are no enemies left in the encounter deck; do you shuffle the discard deck to make a new encounter deck and keep discarding until there is one? What if all of the enemies available are already in play?

Please note that these are two similar, but different scenarios that can happen, and an answer is needed for both.
You discard cards from the encounter deck and look for an enemy. Smite the Wicked doesn't care about enemies in play.

If there are none, then your task is done. Smite the Wicked goes to your discard, and Zoey gets out of having to hunt someone. Hurrah!

After you do that, then you immediately shuffle the encounter discard back into the encounter deck, of course.
Cool that's what I thought. But, just to be sure, you still shuffle the encounter discard into the encounter deck even though all monsters are out of the encounter deck?
You shuffle the encounter discard into the encounter deck whenever the encounter deck is empty (RR p 10, Encounter Deck).