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Eyes in the Dark

Eyes in the Dark Eyes in the Dark

Eyes in the Dark

Type: Agenda
Encounter Set: K’n-yan
Doom Threshold: 12*
[Action] If there are no clues on your location: Explore. Draw the top card of the exploration deck. If it is a connecting location, put it into play and move to it.
*This agenda gets +1  doom threshold.
Without warning, a deafening crash echoes throughout the cave, and the ground under your feet rumbles with tremendous force. Stalactites and pieces of crumbling rock begin to fall from the ceiling of the cavern, striking the ground all around you and causing cracks to appear in the stone. “We have to get out of here!” you shout to Ichtaca, but by the time you realize what is coming, it is too late. The ground beneath your feet gives way, and suddenly you are falling, plummeting into the depths below…
Each surviving investigator is defeated and suffers 1 physical trauma.
Bright-yellow eyes peer at you from all sides as you continue delving deeper into the cavern. The glowing orbs vanish as light is cast on them, reappearing as soon as the darkness returns.
Quantity: 1
Number: 212
Illustrator: Alex Alvarado
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