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Lost Memories

Lost Memories Lost Memories

Lost Memories

Type: Agenda
Encounter Set: The City of Archives
Doom Threshold: 7
Each investigator’s maximum hand size is reduced by 2.
Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.
If The Custodian is in play and not controlled by an investigator, move it to the location with the most clues on it.
Check your supplies. If an investigator has a pendant, that investigator reads the following:
As you spend more and more time in the alien city, your memories of the past continue to fade. Then, a spark of hope returns to you, and you recall an object you once carried with you, one that brought you comfort when times were tough. You sift through the objects the Yithians replicated from your descriptions, and there you find it: a pendant on a silver chain. As you hold it, your real identity comes flooding back.
Each investigator with a pendant draws 2 cards. For the remainder of the scenario, each investigator with a pendant ignores any effect that would reduce his or her maximum hand size.
Little by little, the memories of your former life are starting to fade. The most recent events are the first to disappear, but soon you begin to lose your grip on your human identity.
Quantity: 1
Number: 239
Illustrator: Cristina Vela
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