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At the Station

At the Station At the Station

At the Station

Type: Act
Encounter Set: Threads of Fate
Clue Threshold: 2󲆃
Objective – Only investigators in the Arkham Police Station can spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.
None of the police officers have seen Alejandro, and they don’t seem interested in helping you find him. “It’s only been a couple days. He’ll turn up,” they say. They give excuses, trying to avoid filling out a report. Finally, just as you are about to leave in frustration, a homeless man being held for disorderly conduct grabs your elbow. “I saw ’im!” he drawls. “The man you describe, I saw ’im in the sky, carried in its clutches…” He describes a faceless winged creature while the officers nearby chuckle and roll their eyes. The man is clearly drunk…but could it be he’s telling the truth?
Search the encounter deck, discard pile, and victory display for a Hunting Nightgaunt and spawn it in the location farthest from all investigators. Heal all damage from each Hunting Nightgaunt in play.
Attach the set-aside Alejandro Vela to the Hunting Nightgaunt farthest from all investigators.
Advance to Act 3c—“Alejandro’s Plight.”
The police station might be open to the public in theory, but getting your story heard by the proper authorities requires a bit more finesse than you imagined.
Quantity: 1
Number: 127
Illustrator: Joshua Cairós
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