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Harlan’s Curse

Harlan’s Curse Harlan’s Curse

Harlan’s Curse

Type: Act
Encounter Set: Threads of Fate
Clue Threshold: –
Objective – If there are 1[per investigator] clues on Harlan Earnstone: You must remove them and immediately advance.
Revelation – Switch this card with the Bystander version of Harlan Earnstone, removing that version from the game. Attach the set-aside Relic of Ages to Harlan Earnstone. Advance to Act 3a–“Recover the Relic.”
Forced – After you successfully evade Harlan Earnstone by 3 or more: Add him to the victory display.
There is no sign of Harlan in his office, but one of the assistants in the administration building informs you that he took the day off and went to his home in Easttown.
Quantity: 1
Number: 122
Illustrator: Joshua Cairós
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