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Escape the Ruins

Escape the Ruins Escape the Ruins

Escape the Ruins

Type: Act
Encounter Set: The Doom of Eztli
Clue Threshold: –
While there are 3 or more vengeance points in the victory display, each Serpent enemy gets +1 evade.
Objective – If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.
As soon as you cross the threshold of the entryway, something inside the temple begins to change…
If an investigator resigned with the Relic of Ages under his or her control:
The floor of the temple stops shaking, and the dull humming in the walls goes quiet. Without the relic in its chamber, the ruins appear to be sleeping once more. You still have no idea what the object is or what its purpose may be, but you dare not tarry any longer to find out.
For a moment, the temple continues to shudder, the architecture twisting and contorting strangely. Pleased that it is once again whole, the temple then returns to its dormant state.
The ruins are shuddering with a tremendous power. You fear that the structure may collapse if this keeps up. You have to escape with the relic!
Quantity: 1
Number: 59
Illustrator: ———
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