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Type: Event
Class: Guardian
Cost: 2
Level: 1
Willpower: 0
Intellect: 1
Combat: 1
Agility: 0
Wild: 0
Attach to your location.
If there are no investigators at attached location, discard Ambush.
Forced – After an enemy spawns at attached location: Deal 2 damage to that enemy and discard Ambush.
Quantity: 2
Number: 148
Illustrator: Monztre
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I guess 'spawns' does not cover enemy entering the location?

Yep. For example, an enemy could come to your location via Hunter, or be dragged over from someone performing a move action while engaged with one, neither of which are spawning an enemy. Its all about an enemy coming into play, not into a location.

Thought so. But that's actually pretty bad for both flavor and gameplay reasons, It would be nice to think of a way to push an enemy into a trap (which would still probably mean you get attacked on the way).

There's ways to make a monster move without triggering attack of opportunity. But the cost of one action for 2 damage is pretty much on par with a bashy deck, so they'd rather have something more useful. It's obviously better for those nonbashy investigators, but then asking them to stay in a room is a pretty tough ask.
It comboes with On the Hunt quite nicely, but other than that, I don't see another good usage of this card. I don't know if I would ever include it in any deck...
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*mistaken post*
If all the investigators are at the "last location" - the one they have to find all the clues on to complete the scenario, then this becomes worthwhile. But that makes it only any good late game, and at a cost in experience to boot. Probably should have cost 1 really, I have to agree I probably won't be using it.

That's a good point about combining with On the Hunt, if you throw Mano o Mano into the mix as a first action, 3 damage and not even a hair out of place and defeats those damned odd numbered critters.

Yeah, comboing 3 cards, 2 of which alone aren't that great? I'm not sold.