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Arcane in the Eltdown (R'lyeh Regional 4-0 swiss, top 4 cut)

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Congrats on going 4-0 in swiss, that's pretty impressive.


MoM is an excellent choice as restricted, especially with so many 3-cost characters and no resource acceleration.  However, it seems like there are a few moving parts here so I'm curious how your deck functions out of the gate?


Did you give up many success tokens/stories and then your card advantage (and your opponent's lack of cards) let you win?  Or does the deck work from turn 1?

Ideally I get my conspiracy out, Tear in Time and Obsessive Elder Thing due to having one of each icon, enough to make it probable to get through the story, or failing that Cultist of the Keys and someone like Zanni so unless they had 2 characters I can get through unopposed, stand them both and then remove the Arcane struggle from the story my opponent goes into on their turn.


In the 4 rounds of swiss, I only gave away a single story, so it thankfully kept the opponent under control. Pushed into the Beyond saved me countless times, couldn't imagine playing Yog without them!


Discounting the MoM, it's only four different 3 cost characters, using two copies of each, so I was often pushing for 2-2-1 over 3-1-1 unless there was a key 3 cost I was after.


Claret Knight with a copy of Eltdown Shards was quite mean, as the book had more longevity since they would have to get rid of the book on it's own, not just get rid of the character. Several times I managed to lock my opponent down to top decking, which is always good.

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Couple of good games on Saturday. After you crushed me in swiss I wasn't particularly looking forward to playing you first in the cut but I think you just got a bit unlucky with that one.


I've made a few changes to my deck since Saturday to help deal with the other decks I lost to but there's a few good ideas i here as well. Not sure what I could cut to fit them in though!

I'm sorry to hear you weren't looking forward to playing me in the cut, though it shows you had nothing to fear by beating me into the final ;)


What ideas are you looking at trying to merge into your deck? If you don't want the others to know, hit me up on PM :)

Well, with FAQ 4.1, this deck will have to be changed in some manner if I wish to continue using it. Master of Myths, Black Dog and Rite of the Silver Gate means I have to many restricted cards.
Based on what the deck was doing, Master of Myths is likely my strongest option, as it can help me win those precious arcane struggles, whilst gives me the means to soak combat, and even terror if solo.
As I was on 52 cards, I'm really only in need of 2 cards, and Curse of the Putrid Husk to remove Fated from BRB, and maybe from August (though it means no Willpower either), as well as being able to offensively remove willpower, toughness, invulnerable and fast from troublesome characters on my opponent's side of the table, is a solid option.

A good card to add might be Initiate of Huang Hun. Bouncing their characters to hand, then making them discard with the shards. The initiate has an arcane to boot. And you can bounce your fated character if need be.


And if you drop rite of the silver gate, maybe you need to add constricting elder thing to handle supports? Or is three frosen times enough?

Initiate is an interesting idea, especially since they will be unlikely to bounce in someone like Dreamland Fanatic.


I'm thinking Frozen Time is enough, though if I was playing mono-Yog and had the slots the Constricting Elder Thing would work as it's more investigation.