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Blasphemous Violation

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Since you currently don't have a restricted card (Initiate came off the list awhile ago, the cgdb deckbuilder hasn't been updated in awhile) would you make any updates?

Unless you're really concerned about loyal, Grasping Chthonian is probably a better option than Lodge Housekeeper. Some more one cost defensive cards could help early game, as well, like Master of the Myths or Black Dog. Also since you aren't rushing Nug, maybe someone who could get out a little faster, like Y'Golonac, would be worth a try?


All of these suggestions are subject to your card pool, of course.

Usung The Festival in favor of Favor of Eshu would be a way of using the restricted slot. Master of Myths probably didn't make it in when I first put the deck together due to being in another deck. It is a very good card to include when able.