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I always like conspiracy decks, so it's neat to see what people cook up.  This decks looks to be focused on multiple investigation struggles and resetting the board.


Here are a few suggestions (based on my own preferences) that you may consider:


1.  The deck is expensive, especially your characters.  Tuned decks can win on turn 3-4 if you're not careful, and this deck might not get rolling until turns 5-6, especially if your opponent has an aggressive start or lots of direct control (such as Khopesh).


Black Dog and Master of Myths are your initial blockers, but I don't think they're enough.  Try to include some cheap characters (such as Bruno Carioli, Dr. Carson or Guardian of Dawn) to establish some board presence early on.


Also, MoM is crucial to stalling your opponent as your deck sets up.  Therefore, you might consider Recruiter for the Lodge to ensure you get him during the opening turns.


2.  You might exchange Amaranth for Ol' Crazy Eyes.  This will help you grab your conspiracy faster and cheapen up the deck a bit.


Because you have a conspiracy in your deck, consider adding more characters that improve when a conspiracy is in play, such as Keeper of the Silver Sphere.


3.  I feel like Ice Shaft and The Plague Stone are competing for a 3-resource domain.  I may swap out 1 of them for more events.  I'd probably keep The Plague Stone so you can flood the board with cheap characters with investigation and go to the stories unopposed.


4.  You only have 3 events.  While Black Dog and MoM can be an initial surprise, you don't have many other ways to change up the game during the story phase.  This gives the advantage to your opponent as they can just do the math and see when it's safe to commit.


I recommend spicing up the deck with at least 3 more events.  You could try Steal the Soul or Binding, though there are quite a few good MU events.


5.  Roald Ellsworth is a great character, but I think the 3-cost loyal is going to hurt this deck.  You have 14 neutral cards, most of which are expensive, which means resourcing may get tricky.  Typically I like to include Roald in a deck using Ultima Thule to cheat him into play.


Hope my suggestions helped, and let us know how the deck plays!

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have en account ;)

The deck is a project, I'm new and I still missing quite a few cards.

It looks like a fun project.  Do you own a Core set?  If so, there are some solid MU cards in it that could help you speed up the deck, such as the aforementioned Binding, Dr. Carson's Treatment, and Laboratory Assistant.


To help augment your extra investigation struggle theme, the Core also has Open for Inspection, which could replace Will of Azathoth.

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I have:

Core x1
Seekers of Knowledge
Terror in Venice
The Sleeper Below
The Spawn of the Sleeper
That Which Consumes
The Shifting Sands
Lost Rites

Daring Buju and Expert Testimony are fantastic MU events that can turn things upside down on your opponent who is unprepared.
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That's true, he had not thought in Daring Buju, thanks.