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Endless Sacrifice

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How often did Arkham Asylum work out for you? I assume it's there to work with Uroborus but can screw up your Watcher of Signs.

Given that you're mono cthulhu would you consider a card such as Communal Shower? Seems like it could be a bit of a headache for muli faction decks.

Congratulations on your excellent finish in what I'm sure was a tough field!

Thanks, yes - it wasn't easy ;)


Your guess is correct - Arkham Asylum is there to work with Uroborus, but I never put it into play if it is not absolutely necessary. Mainly because of Watcher of Signs ;)


Communal Shower was in my mind, but after games I played with this deck, I decided it is not worth a slot. If my first hand is good enough and the opponent is not able to resist (by destroying the supporst etc.), the deck is quick enough to win and Communal Shower won't make the difference.


But, I'm thinking to get rid of 2x Jade Salesman and one more card (can't decide) and put 3x Fiona Day into the deck - just to have some alternative way to win. What do you think?

Fiona is cool, and I've been wanting to see her work well in a deck. I think with your big character count and board presence she'd be a good card to have.

My variant of the same "Cult-De-Sac" concept (@klocek: The one we played the casual with at Paris!) has been running both Fiona (3x) and Kassogtha (1-2x) to have alternate means of using the mass of Cultists, in case the Temple gets controlled. Also, Kassogtha offers a (rare) way of ridding the board of Negotium (as well as other problem cards).


However, our version is also quite different in other ways:

  • No Serpent tech (apart from some of the good 1/2 costers for their trait).
  • San Giorgio to have an engine (with a powerful immunity) for digging for the key cards.
  • 3x of both Foul Induction and From the Depths, for alternate card gain on top of Gustav.

My gut instinct would be that your version clearly has the drop in speed, and as you say, with a good beginning can overwhelm opponents easily. The version me and Ire constructed is likely more durable in the long game, but relies a lot on simple, stupid, card mass being able to dominate the game. However, it has seemed to have the uncanny ability to claw it's way back into almost any game, despite being behind.


One card that has been gas in our version is Followers of R'lyeh, which has been able to turn a lot of close games near the end. I would definitely recommend both them and Fiona, as powerful end-game means for closing games or turning them around. Not quite sold on the Asylum here, so that would be my recommendation for making way for Fiona.

I am curious as to how Naagin fares in your deck?

Since Naagin can only come into play from the Discard pile when a support card is destroyed, wouldn't it be more difficult to trigger its ability if you remove Jade Salesman?  Or do you rely on Deep One Assault to destroy support cards? 

To be honest, it was never my main goal to trigger Naagin's ability at all costs. Basicly he is the part of this deck because he is a serpent - nothing more. I triggered his ability occasionally and it never has a significant impact for the game result.