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Exploring Lost Civilizations

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It's similar to a deck I built for this weekend.  Really fun synergies between the Explorers and the Lost Civilizations/Locations.  Putting a character in your hand instead of your discard is boss as his the combos with Ultima Thule, Matthew Alexander and Cookie!

I'm tempted to add a copy of The Plague Stone, as it turns into a one-sided board wipe once I have the Infirmary out. Plus, I can trigger Roald for each Explorer that leaves play.

It does turn off Arctic Ethnologist, but I shouldn't need to play it until the turn I am ready to wipe (ideally, in their turn).

Plague Stone...the card I needed on mylast game vs mono-Syndicate...

I'm gonna add one copy of it, great idea!

Unearthing the ancients is pretty expensive (even though you have the graduate student). Have you thought about Cylinders of Kadatheron as a draw engine? Research Assistant loves working with the cylinders...

Without the Grad Student, Unearthing has been pricey at times, however when I haven't got anything cost 3 to play that turn, it helps me churn through the deck.


Since the Cylinders only help me get other Tomes and Events however, and cost me 1 for the privilege, are they worth it? Sure with the Research they get me more cards, but that balances out the Grad Student making the first one only cost 1.

I built a very similar deck and though I wanted Mu and Ipiutak thematically I found Misinformation and Open For Inspection of more use. The theme of Arctic explorers somehow entering stories via Ulma Thule is great but does not really benefit from the other lost civilisations ISTM.

Ipiutak was added as a means to deal with targeted removal, including Khopesh when my opponent had Ipiutak when I shot someone with Khopesh, only for them to copy the effect and wound the wielder of Khopesh, limiting my impact.


As for Mu, healing wounds once Brett is out, or restoring any insane character, allowing my board to stay as viable as possible.


I've always been tempted to try Open for Inspection, but never been able to decide if it is worth using.

I only tested my Explorers deck against a Deep Ones deck. Ipiutak worth having generally I think.

I've always been tempted to try Open for Inspection, but never been able to decide if it is worth using.

Open for Inspection is a dangerous card. You must be absolutely sure it will allow you to win the story in the next story phase, otherwise you may end up giving it to your oponent as a gift. I much prefer to use the 'Daring Buju' + 'Expert Testimony' combo for a surprise story win.