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Fun Police - UK National Semi Finalist


I see the restricted card changed then!
Sep 08 2015 03:35 AM

Why is Feeding Time in this deck?

Feeding Time is actually Glimpse of the Void but the deck builder wouldn't let me add it.

Why no sacrificial offerings?

Why the choice of Speak to the Dead for this deck? With 4 colors plus some costly cards I think I might try to run The Festival personally. Granted, I want to run The Festival in every deck ever.

I did consider Festival because I love it.  My main issue I have running four colours is that sometimes I can't turn one seventy steps even though I have it because I haven't drawn a second Hastur resource and Festival wouldn't address that issue fast enough, outside of that I don't normally have issues with making resource matches when I need to.  Also after I have a four domain and a two domain festival doesn't really do much for the deck anymore.  Speak to the Dead has been amazing repeatedly though.  That being said I haven't actually tested it with Festival.


Sacrificial Offerings isn't in because I have to maintain a faction balance and I feel I get more value out of the other Cthulhu cards I have in there.  Killing one opponents character is mostly a meaningless gesture.  Flooded Vault is amazing, it just fetches too much goodness to not be in at x3, I have to have the statue in or the Claret Knight ruins my days and it's effective against a bunch of other cheap janky characters, Called to the Sea usually shuts down someones story phase in the early turns.  I've tried this out in place of The Sleeper Awakens! and Called to the Sea before and never got as much value out of it.


I think the card that always seems to be least useful has been Palpable Unhappiness, I'm considering swapping it out for some form of cancel.  If anyone has any thoughts on what else Vortex of Time could be I'm open to suggestions there too.  It's currently in because I needed one Yog card for faction balance and if I don't resource it then drawing two cards is still useful and it has a not entirely useless trigger from the discard.

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The thing I love about these no character mill decks is that every one that I've seen has been a little different. The thing I hate about these decks is playing against them. Always an exercise in frustration, win or lose.

Did you ever consider Artists Colony? It burns a card, plus potentially gives you card advantage. Important to note ties will go in your favor with that card if you're active player.

Some arguments for The Festival:

You said The Festival isn't quick enough to get your domains right, but if you drop it turn one you can start using it from the get go to get your domains looking like you want them. Also can provide some deck filtering to reduce the likelyhood of dead drawing, and it will provide some ramp to getting your higher cost cards out faster and you can continue to ramp up one domain to fuel your Blackmoore Estate.

Speak to the Dead is some nice card advantage, however it is a hefty cost at 3.