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Insane in Another Plane - 4th Finnish SC 2015

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Hi Drake,  I came across your deck here as I was looking as some Hastur build and see how they can synergise with cards from other factions.

Just want to know
1. Do you think having 3 copies of Rite of Silver Key and 3 of Unspeakable Resurrection especially both seems to have the same function of playing characters from the discard pile?
2. Did Large Man and Pawn Broker significantly help you in your matches?

3. Did you find Bloated Leng Spider useful?

4. Do you think Stygian Eyes would be a cbetter choice of restricted card as compare to Twilight Gate?

5. If you are given another opportunity, would you replace any of the above cards in your deck?


Hope to hear from you and get some of your insights.

What was it about the Shub/MU deck that managed to defeat this, unlike the other decks? Was it something it did you couldn't stop, or you did that it could?


Even though you didn't win, congratulations on the score you did get Drakey :)

I, too, would be interested in the Shub/MU deck.