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Little Green Men


You need some way to play your big guys sooner, maybe some transient cards, or seeker of mysteries, or something.

Note that Nug's Forced Response has been revised to only trigger when played.

So you don't get any additional resources when using Aziz to put Nug into play.

@SieurP Seeker of Mysteries fits perfect. Thanks!


@Jhaelen Oh, I missed that. Then Nug is out. Have to think about different AOs.

Are you concerned by the passive ability of Watcher of Signs stopped by Black Dog, Seeker of Mysteries and Tulzscha?


Based on your AO choice, is Aziz worth it?


What about Summon the Sleeper to help find your AO's / Servitors?


No Carl Stanford? Invulnerable, terror, and a reliable way to sacrifice cultists for Gustaf, whilst giving you a better chance at a story than if the cultist was alive.