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Mono-Shub Mi-Go Deck


I have made a similar deck that I am going to use at regionals tomorrow. I won't say too much until after then, but 1 suggestion I have is to trade out Burrowing Beneath and Grasping Cthonian for 2 x Sinkhole! As my deck has no Cthonians, Sinkhole! basically is the same card, with the added bonus you discard a card for shenanigans (in your case Corrupted Midwife and the High-Score-in-Scrabble-Oonth).

You have a lot of characters, is French Quarter not worth considering?

Imho there are more than a few troublesome non-location support cards and throwing your dedicated support destruction out of the deck and put a card in it that is quasi-blank against some decks (if you really want to put stuff in the gy, there are clearly better options)... I don't know.



Take care of the Prepared Alienist and Shocking Transformation. Haven't run them in tandem as of yet, but I can see this being a problem sometimes. In a pinch it'd be support removal in your opponent's turn via Grasping Chthonian, but with the Alienist ready, this wouldn't be possible any longer.

Yeah, I missed the Location requirement on Sinkhole! so Burrowing Beneath is definitely a better pick.