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Rebirth of the Cult

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Very interesting concept!


Do you find the limitation of Thunder in the East only being able to be played in Operations is worth the reduced cost and card draw compared to Burrowing Beneath? Just a general query, as I don't own Kingsport Dreams and thus the decision isn't one I've needed to make, but isn't one I'd be certain of without trying both.


Being able to reset you board, manipulate your resources with Festival, and then bring all your Cultists back is a great idea.


My only concern with the deck is if you go against a deck with characters they wouldn't be heartbroken over sacrificing to Three Bells, or where they have a large number of characters (like another Cultist deck), the lack of dedicated removal could be a problem. Mage Known as Magnus, when combined with your recycling could get rid of their characters? Or Sacrifical Offerings?


Would love to hear how the deck plays out :)

I do like Thunder in the East better than burrowing beneath in general. 1 cost is nice, the card draw is nice, and there are only a handful of supports that you really need gone so immediately. In a different deck where I'm running shub but maybe wouldn't have a domain with just a single shub card resourced I would run burrowing probably.

Three Bells isn't an ideal card, but I was looking for an answer inside shub so as not to disturb the faction ratio too much. Plus if I pull it in favor of, say, deep one assault or sacrificial offerings then all my flooded vault can fetch is plague stone and nothing else. Which is another card slot I could do something else with, I guess. Maybe add in another strong character.

The idea (hope) with three bells is that early game it can help me with a little removal and mid/late game it can help me keep board control after a plague stone use. If it doesn't seem to work out that way I may indeed go with your suggestion.

I tried this list out Monday evening, Obtuse, and it worked very much as you suggest. After a Plague Stone, the Three Bells were all I needed to keep the other side of the table short on characters. Those Initiates of Dagon make for great sacrifices!

Glad it went well for you! Anything you think you would change? Did the slightly short character count seem to hinder you at all? Were you ever able to set up a big Dark Rebirth play?

I was set up for a Dark Rebirth play, but never got one in hand, unfortunately. Foul Induction did a bang-up job in its stead, though.


You're right on the short character count. That's probably manageable, since Plague Stone can bring both sides back to zero, but in both games, I wound up with multiple Plague Stones in my hand through sheer luck and wished one of them was a nice beefy character, or a Midwife, to pull someone off a domain with the Festival and play from the discard.

You could drop the Flooded Vault for Claret Knight, and then you get a double dose of the immunity characters that stick around after the Plague Stones. You're able to tutor them with The Guardian anyhow.

Can you use The Guardian to search for Savio? Seems weird, since his text box gains "Night" only conditionally. Do the text boxes of cards change while they are facedown in the deck? (Sorry if this is an obvious one, I'm still learning these rules!)

You cannot. Savio isn't a night card when he's in your deck or hand, only when he's in play along with a conspiracy.
Plague Stone is your only option. Its a good one though to be sure.
Yes. Your toolbox in this deck only consists of a hammer.