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Skill Void



Did you think about things like Marine Salvager to get your support cards back? Or Servant of the Elder Things to force your opponent to start giving you cards back, as Street Waif is known to be a dirty cards in AGOT.


And test successful ;)

I didn't have Marine Salvager on my radar, yet - seems like a good fit, yes.

Servant to the Elder Things is not yet in our card pool, unfortunately, but I think I like the Mariner idea better, anyway.


About the test: Apparently, decks created with the new deckbuilder no longer show up in the CoC LCG Decks section, only in the 'Call of Cthulhu Decks section' subforum. I guess, I have to get into the habit of looking here...

I only discovered this the other day after wondering where my submitted deck went. Now I know!


Do Day/Night characters not concern you, as if your opponent can switch the time, it means you will lose one or more characters? With looking at recent activity online, Syndicate seem the most popular, and if they also play Gold Pocket Watch, they have a cheap way to get rid of Nightguant/Attorney.


Also, you mentioned you're concerned about Negotium. What about Frozen Time? Whilst Loyal, at only cost 2 it shouldn't be too difficult or greatly telegraphing to prepare, and gives a generally useful blanking effect.

I'm not sure how popular Gold Pocket Watch is - my first impression of it wasn't favorable - but it worked well in this deck so far...

But it's true, I haven't played this deck against Syndicate yet, at all.


I don't consider Nightgaunt and Attorney as crucial - they're mostly backup solutions if I don't draw the Gold Watch or I'm short of a domain to use.

It might actually be a better idea to get rid of them and add a third Gold Watch. Then I'd also have some room for the Marine Salvager and/or Frozen Time...


Yep, I didn't include Frozen Time because it's Loyal. There isn't a lot of Yog cards in the deck. (A secondary reason is, that most of my decks seem to feature Yog as a (secondary) faction and Frozen Time already was in a different deck ;))


Actually, like most of my 'casual' decks, it's still in a state of flux. You can tell from my only including two copies of most cards that I'm still in the playtesting stage, testing out what works and what doesn't. The decks I'm posting are all at least in the second iteration and have been found to work reasonably well, but they're still far from perfect.


Edit: I just noticed from your description of the Khopesh of the University deck that you've also built a Syndicate/Yog skill reduction deck :) What did you include?