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ST Hastur (2nd Stoke Store Championship)

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where can we find your blog?

Here - http://www.cardgamed...n-investigator/


It's a blog within cgdb, to keep things easier.

Congratulations on your outing!  These are 2 great flavors that taste great together.  Now for the questions:


1.  Were you able to combo Artifact of the Lost Cities with any of your supports (which all conveniently remove themselves from play) for that sweet-sweet card draw?


2.  Did Ice Shaft help with targeted removal of annoying characters?  Would you keep it in the deck or trade for something else?


3.  Were you able to combo Ice Shaft and Palpable Unhappiness?  Or did you Ice Shaft characters that were made insane?


4.  Why Deranged Diva over Dangerous Inmate?  Do you feel that was the right choice?

1. I did, mainly Ice Shaft, as well as in my first game on my Hermetic Seal as I expected them to make it night (which they did). I don't think it happened during the tournament, but I know in the brief window of testing I did, I attached it to their supports that would leave play since it doesn't have to be my support or discard pile it entered.


2. Yes, there were time it was critical in removing certain frustrating characters, such as BRB so they couldn't use him more than once. I would keep it in the deck, and still at only 2, as when I had the option for that or one of my 3 cost characters it was often the character. But when I didn't, or at the point I had a pair of 3 resource domains, I would play it.


3. I did on David Pan, as that was the only way I could get rid of him. I never even thought of using it on insane characters, even though I know being insane makes them skill 0. I think I also combined it with Guzheng in one game, for a similar reason of it being a character with skill over 3.


4. I don't own Dangerous Inmate is the simple reason. However, in my fourth game there wasn't a character that was played below skill 3, so the Diva was actually more helpful as she was able to trigger.

Are you thinking of removing Stalking Hound or at least reducing to less copies after not really using it?

I can't help wondering if the characters (Jiang Xhi? Edit - The Marked) that remove all terror icons might be a better pick to give you options against a more monstrous opponent?

Are you thinking of The Marked?  I used him at last year's regionals with a similar deck (running Hastur/MU instead of ST) but found I often resourced him.  His 1 skill hurts.


Another option to help against terror icons, which I have used to good effect, is The Rays of Dawn.  If you're using Hermetic Seal primarily to buff Guardian of Dawn and prevent any night-related shenanigans (The Plague Stone, Savio Corvi), then The Rays of Dawn might serve you better.


The card that really hurts is Clover Club Pit Boss.  Cheap blanket Willpower is tough when you don't have much in the way of direct removal.  I try to save my Stygian Eye for him or hit the Crooked Attorney (who isn't a criminal) with Victoria.

I put the Hound in as on Skype it seems bouncing characters are very popular stateside, and I had no idea how popular they may be in Stoke, which was apparently not much.

The Marked are the ones that remove terror on non-Ancient ones. My only issue they cost 3, but are an option for a future version of it.

EDIT: Somehow Yipe and I posted at the same time!
Rays of Dawn will be a good shout for the deck, once I buy Dreamlands. Thanks for all the help Yipe.
Do you think The Seventy Steps would be a good addition to a deck like this? As most of type characters effects can be triggered while they are exhausted. Our do you think it would slow your own ability to win stories to much?

The main problem would be space, as finding cards to trim is always difficult. At the time I made this, I lacked Dreamlands, so it wouldn't have been possible.


With Seventy Steps, I feel it be part of a different deck, likely not around insanity as if I'm making character insane them being exhausted before hand won't do much.