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The Mothersucker


I would put Arthur Todd in there. The ability to put Nug as early as turn 1 on the board is too good to pass on imho. And I would never leave a syndicate deck at 2*Lena and without Knoll (and he adds some Arcane as well), I think. You don't have to go heavy on skill shenanigans to terrorize the opponent with Lena and Knoll alone.

Hi Daevar,

If you are to put in Arthur Todd, which card would take out to make space for him?

I'm not a fan of Yeb. Granted, I've failed to put him to action as of yet, but even if you get Nug out turn one, with your character cost spread, you are probably fine with leaving the domains at 3-2-2, 3-3-2 at most. That being said, I think Favor of Eshu might compliment this: You don't need the ramp The Festival offers, but instead you could make great use of its tutoring. With quality tutoring like this, the Midwives might be prime candidates for getting the cut. Furthermore, cutting one Ya-te-veo might be okay, and I'm not that great a fan of Wheelman. Just my 2c, give some configurations a try, I'd say.