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The Plagued Cult

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May 24 2015 08:49 PM

Well, since none of my description saved, here goes.  The main impetus of the deck is the interaction between Claret Knight and Savio's immunity and cards like The Plague Stone, The Three Bells, and Sacrificial Offering.  The several other characters with Immunity (Black-Winged One, Carl, and Y-Golonac) are also neat with Sacrificial Offering too.  The rest of the characters/cultists are there to feed Carl, run interference, and just generally muck about with your opponent's plans while you out control them with a series of board wipes, removal and recursion. 


I really do wish that I could get my hand on about 2 copies of Call of Azathoth.  I really hope FFG reprints that cycle of asylum packs soon.

It maybe just the terminology you use, but Carl, Y'Golonac, and Black Winged One are not immune, just invulnerable.

Invulnerable cannot be sacrificed?

May 28 2015 05:45 AM

So, there are several layers in this.  Invulnerable and Immune characters can't be hurt by Sacrificial Offering.  I can still sac the Invulnerable characters.  Savio and Claret Knight are immune to the Three Bells though.

With Three Bells lacking the "if able" clause I believe that means each player must be able to do it else it does not happen, if I'm not mistaken. So immune characters don't help you with getting around sacrificing characters.
Correct. It is even in the FAQ re Three Bells.