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UK National's 2015 Finalist

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Great job! I play with this and it works perfectly.

I'm guessing you mainly went for Hastur as the 2nd faction for cancel and Stygian Eye - is there a reason for no Palpable Unhapiness (as control and Hungry Hippo Vampire synergy?)

Also, no Silver Twilight cards, no Prepared Alienist (yes, even in a Peaslee/Stygian deck), no tomes - what have you done with the real NuFenix?

Indeed. I was discussing on the Skype chat the equivalent in CoC for Black/Blue control from Magic. Different approaches were discussed, and I felt Yog and Hastur was the way to go, with Hastur providing the cancels as you mentioned, along with the general control it has.


There were many events I wanted for the deck, but was concerned for space, and with no means to get events back, I didn't want to focus on them too much, nor risk holding back playing characters in my turn and keeping domains open which may then not be needing, slowing myself down with no return. One domain left for their turn for Pushed or Hali's is sufficient. Granted, we both know when I have used Palpable it has been useful, but if my opponent also goes into multiple stories, it can make it hard to deal with, even with Palpable in hand.


Granted, I have been given a suggestion of changing Fishers (which I've stated didn't do anything for me), into someone such as Hand of Aforgomon who would do a similar job as Palpable.


It is also nice to make a break from St every once in a while. If I stick with the same thing too long, I'll worry I will get stagnant, using the same cards and combos without improving my decks or myself as a player.

Alienist would have really screwed this deck, for the reasons you said. When characters do turn up for free, that is what the Stalking Hounds are for ;)

I would never put Alienist in a deck with Peaslee, especially after his *your operations only* errata. You're basically insuring that one of those cards would be a dead draw. In this deck with a mechanism for bumping off Peaslee (Hungry Star Vamp) and recurring him (Rite of the Silver Key) it would be even worse. Alienist would effectively shut down your own Rite as well. Stalking Hounds are the better option for punishing jumpers in this deck.
I didn't even think about it shutting down Stygian Eye as well. Really curious what the thought would be including Alienist with these cards?