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An Intriguing deck


I would suggest a few changes. Plots are good, but you might consider game of thrones (instead of shadows and spiders?). Regarding events, I think that misinformation is not very useful here. You are supposed to be strong in int challenges, you probably don't need this extra help. Lannister has so many crazy events, I would use to be a lion, a lannister pays his debt, the only game that matters, a house divided (awesome event imo!) or fights no swords can win (it is a limited effect so it can't be use the same round as castellan, but the effect is fantastic). As for the locations, I would simply take toll gate out of the deck. You can consider Hornvale or darkened hallways instead for exemple. As for the characters, I would make quite a few changes. I'm not the biggest fan of Ashemark councilor, coldhands, little bird, mountain refugees or Elia Sands. This version of Tywin is probably not the best fit in the deck neither. You could run a third Cersei for safety and include some of the following: Bronn's hireling who has decent synergies with Margaery, Arbor guardsman, Podrick, and AH Tyrion, who works crazy with Podrick and Game of Thrones. I also think that TotH Jaime is better in this deck. What do you think?