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Martell NA


I'm guessing Lost message is meta call? Why Aftermath and Wildfire, they could backfire when you decide to flood the board? Men of pride is my recommendation, Fury of the sun is never a bad choice. How is Ghost hill elite working for you? I considered putting them in my Quentyn deck but eventually took them out for lacking any keywords. Are Maester Myles and Dornish Hermitage useful?

lost message is here mostly because of attachments on viper..and ravens btw xD i used to play valaar all the time but it hurt me more than anything... played mostly against agrro decks thats why i have both of them, and i often use wildfire to kill quentyn... 
i never really used men of pride, ill check it out
ghost hill elite is here for the first time, didnt have them before but i always wanted to play them, they seem nice to me, maybe cause i just like kiling opponents hand xD

updated some cards... listened to some advices from people, thank you :D