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In my last game (3 players, a Stark Kothh Bolton-deck and a Targaryen Dothraki horde-deck) I played an earlier version of my deck with To the spears! as my restricted card and without venomous blade, it had some weenies in it instead. The other two decks were heavily netdecked and had far quicker development due to agendas (i dont have any, yet) and card synergies. I drew two FBS wich both hampered my setup and then my development since I saved money for playing those for the two first rounds. Also noticed the greatness of refugees for establishing board presence, so those or lost spearman are also cards I want. Anyway, the dothraki horde looked dangerous right away and me and bolton tried to stop them. Bolton went for high initiative so I always went last, wich made to the spears more or less pointless, I never played it since I was so tapped out. I was the only deck to run any boardwipes so wildfire turn three leveled the game somewhat, I got Arianne and Elaria out and continued to sacrifice weenies to claim whenever dothraki came raiding. Boltons switching side gave the Stark player lots of cards via some location and I noticed I slipped in the draw race. Played counting favours to keep up. Two rusted swords and two he calls it thinking made Arianne and Ellaria powerhouses even in military, keeping even the dothraki at bay! (we had great fun) Game cancelled due to time with Bolton at 2 power, Dothraki at 11 and me at 7.


I felt short on resources the hole time, prompting me to change the build with the chambers etc, something I hope will help. Also added the bannermen instead for more draw, and the blades makes ser jaime somewhat better draw if he shows up (he was more or less a lone shadow before). The extra influence... I dont really know what to do with it. The Red Vengeance are great and the rusted blades really fun, but I have no pumpable cards to drop spare influence into.


Also plots - Retaliation and Fury are actually proxies right now, I dont have the cards. Alliance is a must right now with the out of house cards. I'm thinking of dropping building season, or do you think it should stay?