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my first melee (Martell NA)


Given your deck generally benefits from losing challenges, why A Champion Arises rather than he Long Plan? Is it just that you expect no one to challenge you, and then to get through 1 (more if you are lucky) challenge on attack on that turn?

On FBS, given you can search them out turn 1 (with a search swap you could get you charagenda too), I think you only need 1 in the deck. Maybe 2 if you avoid getting power in turn 1, but I think that's hurting yourself.

How are you planning on killing off Quentyn? I'd suggest changing 1 search plot to Building Season to get Harrenhal early.

I would also suggest dropping Dagos, as he gains little from Quentyn and you don't have Ghaston. The new Obara Sand would be a worthy replacement.

The Bastard of Godsgrace also works really well in Quentyn.