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Solar Powered


Hey I have a question from a relative newbie.


Is it really worth it to include Greedy Councilor x 3? I know you have Palestone Sword Guard and Brightwater Keep in your deck, but would those slots not be better filled with other cards?


If it's purely for fun then I absolutely get it (I am constantly trying to create decks with no characters other than Beric), but otherwise can you please school me, because I have no doubt there is something I'm missing, experience aside. :)

Oops, and Doran's Solar. Maybe that's it. :)

There may be better cards to throw in. The Greedy Councilors are in there for discard fodder for the Palestone/Hermitage/stronghold/Solar effects. Once discarded, they are effectively a 2-gold ambush character (their ability bypasses the gold penalty). Anything you would suggest replacing them with?

Nah, after I realised the whole purpose of the deck was to feed Doran's Solar (duh!), I'd definitely keep them in. 

Given the decent gold on most plots is Manning absolutely necessary as a restricted? I wonder if going for At the Gates for Kedry as easy on call influence (doesn't have to be turn 1!) might be better, and then you can have Arianne as restricted to go into To the Spears and make the win condition easier to achieve?
Have you considered Redwyne Straits, this deck looks quite setup-unfriendly?

Interesting suggestions, thanks guys!



Manning is not absolutely necessary. I thought a lot about Shadows Arianne vs Manning. My conclusion was that whenever possible I'd want to flip a Southron Merc as my challenge-phase shadows action on a To The Spears! turn, as the Mercenary trait is a favorite target of marshalling phase discard effects. Arianne, while awesome, would prevent me from doing that. I haven't played with this deck yet, so your suggestion may be the better option. I wouldn't add At The Gates for 1 Maester and no other valid targets, though. Maybe Game of Thrones to get a non-kneeling Intrigue challenge with the Mercs or Seizing the Prize for the bonkers initiative for the shadows Arianne/To The Spears! combo?



I hadn't, and that's a pretty good idea. Redwyne straits might be a good replacement for Siege Preparations, which is in there solely for the high gold on turn 1. Depends on how common Greenseer's raven becomes, I guess. 

Great suggestions, V2 deck is now posted. Shadows Arianne & Redwyne were the right calls!

Try to fit The Scourge in, it's too good not to be included, and it gives you another way of discarding cards.
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