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The Bastards


Regarding Redwyne Straits and agenda, KoTHH agenda was errata'd to count as 5 cards under your command, so that can be a problem.Crossing The Mummer's Ford is also errata'd and considerably weakened. If you're looking for a rushy deck, consider adding A Nest of Vipers instead of His Viper Eyes and To The Spears! plot. Consider also adding Snakeskin Veil for added protection for your unique sand snakes. I also think that this deck would be better if you remove agenda.

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Mar 13 2015 04:22 AM

Fantastic information!  I will consider the changes, because those are great ones!  The reasoning behind the agenda was to almost guarantee my characters would be played when I got them.  Then it lessened the amount of gold income cards I needed in my deck freeing up space for characters/attachments.

If you go down the No Agenda path, Summoned by The Conclave plot and Alleras are obvious choices. Reconsider Old Palace, Spear Tower and Tower of The Sun. The Scourge and Lost Oasis are generally better locations. Try cutting non-setup cards down to 15 or less.

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Mar 16 2015 09:27 AM

When you are talking about non-setup cards, which ones are you considering?  I know the question sounds dumb, but I only ran this fun build in a tournament a few days ago and came in 2nd place.  4 person melee!  I have only been playing this game for about 2 months.  So I'm still learning!  But thanks so much for taking your time and providing feedback!

If you remove your agenda, logical thing would be removing Prince's Wrath and Poisoned Spear, cut Poisoned Knife down to one, try Taste for blood instead and try to get as close as possible to 60 cards. Good luck with your deck!
Mar 26 2015 10:15 AM

Thank you so much for your help!