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Kings in the North


I hadn;t thought of just using a very high number of economy cards, few events, and relatively low average price to mitigate the damage of intrigue challenges. Seems like an interesting idea, but it leaves you open to effect dependant on winning intrigue challenges (although Stark has a hard time with those anyway). I might suggest adding Maege Mormont (AHM) and replacing the 2 Crossroads with Kingsroads (FaI). Even if you aren't using seasons, Kingsroads give you the same economy and initiative for only 1 gold. You don't seem to have any use for influence, so the crossroads are just slowing you down. Hope this helps!

Apr 06 2015 08:22 PM

Thanks, good idea on Maege and the Kingsroads. As a point of interest how many economy cards would you usually include? I've been playing for about 2-3 months and so far been working on the 30/15/15 ratio method, but just recently brought the economy cards down to 14 on a couple of cheaper decks.

I seem to only run 7-10 economy cards in my decks so I can add extra options and effects to them. Sometimes they have trouble getting cards out, but I don't seem to have too much trouble. I also try to keep my average character cost below 2.5, but none of the decks I've constructed have been for tournament level play. I also only ever seem to use the seas as cheap sources of influence instead of cost reducers.