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Kneel 'em and scourge 'em


Is this supposed to be Conquest?

Oct 02 2015 01:35 PM

No, I'm using Tyrosh to bring down the cost of the OOH Lannister cards.


Conquest would make the fragile Lannister cards Prized which I felt would work against me in Melee and Maege Mormont would be unusable.

Oct 02 2015 02:09 PM

That being said, I think I'll put Alliance in the plot deck to help pay for Ser Gregor Clegane and replace Jaime Lannister with something cheaper.

half a year ago I had a very similar deck, like this one. Stark Bolton with Conquest Agenda and plenty Lannister kneel effects (Castellan, Penny...). Tyrosh is usefull, however I don't see how u will pay for most cards with the additional Gold Penalty... If u r insisting on playing with no Agenda i wud advice u to add House Bannerman or alliance plot Card. Other than that there are many great Combos with htis deck as u mentioned.

Oct 05 2015 12:02 PM

Thanks for the advice, I've updated the deck to manage the resources better.


Toll Gate replaced by Pentoshi Manor, Lannisport Moneylender and Alliance added to help with costs.  Direct Assault buffs the Bolton armies and will grab gold/influence locations at the same time.


I also replaced the Dreadfort with Seal of the Crown which works better for me and punishes draw decks in Melee.  Jaime Lannister replaced with Theon Greyjoy.