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Stark - Dark Wings


Changed +1 Robb For +1 Ser Edmure Tully. Not having the best of luck pulling him as a 1 of.

As I mentioned on the thread where Widowmaker posted I don't like Endless Endurance just because its a 1 shot. But if that strength wins you a challenge I suppose its worthwhile.

The other event I would question is Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords - I would have the less conditional Royal Decree instead.

I would also try to find room for Harrenhal (either version is good but cancel is important, especially with Eddard). Having that could let you replace Hand's Judgement with Calling the Banners - this card can pretty much be played the turn you get it (so it lets you use your agenda without waiting for the opponent to play a suitable event card), and can find Harrenhal for you. Its not like you lack targets to kill.

If you have pulled Meera out I don't see the use for Ghost?

Hidden Cache is a nice attachment to include in a deck with Northland Keeps and Robb as it widens the range of available targets.