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Stark DWDW


Oct 04 2014 01:45 PM

So far I like this, but I'm thinking it needs a bit more consistent draw, as I haven't been getting more than one extra card a turn consistently. More events? More playable events? The other Blackfish? Guards at Rivverrun? Ser Jaime?

Tycho is a good addition. Also have you tried with rivers?

Oct 06 2014 01:25 PM

I haven't tried rivers with this, and I was hoping to avoid them, mainly for two reasons.


1) Not being able to run Meera, my miscellaneous answer for everything

2) Predictability of plots and ensuing vulnerability (to Outwit, Art of Seduction, etc.)


I've played rivers in other Stark decks, and they provide amazing card advantage, which stacks with draw and works nicely with a lot of the come into play, and leave play effects I run here, but I generally prefer plots that have bigger, more board-wide effects.


Tycho I considered, I might make room for him for the draw.

My approach with Stark no rivers is to run 23 events, making pretty much all of them easy enough to trigger. Support of the Kingdom and Direct Assault are both good cards you don't have for example.

Also, why no Blackwood Elites or Ygritte?
Oct 08 2014 03:47 AM

I thought anything over 20 events might be a bit excessive, especially without them being any phase or marshaling and before. Both the events you mention were late cuts though.


As far as Blackwood Elites, I don't have that pack yet, otherwise I'd have one, probably two in there. Also missing for that reason are Royal Decree, Hand of the King, and the Aftermath.


I haven't played with or against Ygritte yet, so I wasn't sure how much mileage I'd get out of her. Is she that useful?

On Ygritte, my version runs Old Nan as well (I run Outwit and Dissension so gain from the learned crest, and a cheap intrigue icon in stark is tough to pass up) and I have pulled off that combo a couple of times. Finding targets usually isn't too hard as there are plenty of commonly played neutral kingsguard. (Speaking of which, given your shadows bouncing from Meera and Arya, where is Ser Jaime for the draw?)

Also, as a Wildling Ygritte works with Jon Snow and if you get really lucky Betrayal at the Wall.

Hoster Tully otoh I'd remove. You don't have many Tully cards in general - 7 others out of 75 is not enough to reliably get anything. Without that he isn't worth it.

I suppose the other question is why winter? Meera, Arya and Winter Festival feel like little compensation to the fact that locations are less reliably obtained in a 75 card deck, so self choke is a danger.
Oct 16 2014 01:54 PM

I considered Old Nan, but figured that I had enough intrigue to work with already. I hadn't considered the Betrayal at the Wall synergy. Ygritte does give me a better chance to activate Betrayal, so I'll work her in somewhere.


Ser Jaime is on the block for going back in. I do need a bit more draw, and I've got plenty of cards that can trigger him.


You might be right about Hoster; his card advantage isn't enough, although he does give a lot for only one cost.


Winter is to help maximize my restricted card choice of Meera. The Arya bonus is nice but not necessary, but I do like the WInter Festival bonus and the Winter Kingsroad synergy. Adding Samwell would be another NW for Betrayal and possibly some excellent draw. As for resources, my plots are pretty chunky resourcewise, and while I've only played two games with this deck, so far gold hasn't been an issue.


Regarding plots, I'm thinking of dropping a Time for Ravens to add in Forgotten Plans, and maybe (once I get it) adding The Aftermath for Valar. Otherwise, my plots feel good...trying to stick with high intitiative, decent gold plots that have a bigger effect on the board. Seizing the Prize is an experiment, but with all the prized cards running around lately, I think it fits.


I might drop Ghost for Syrio Forel to help with the resource curve.


Any other drop suggestions? Wyman Manderly, Theon Greyjoy, Varys, and the second copy of Edmure, are all potential cuts.

Oct 17 2014 03:13 PM

UPDATE: For our local game night, I made the following changes.


-1 Hoster Tully

-1 Ser Edmure Tully

-1 Riders of the Red Fork

-1 A Time for Ravens


+1 Samwell Tarly

+1 Ygritte

+1 Tycho Nestoris

+1 Forgotten Plans


Hoster was taken out for the reasons you mention, although I was hesitant to lose the cheap lord and crest. Riders is great, but one seemed like enough as an At the Gates backup and War Crest. Edmure is a great piece to the deck, but I figured one copy would be enough. A Time for Ravens didn't give enough bang for the buck, so I figured Forgotten Plans with a bit higher initiative and a board-impacting effect would be nice (and it was).


I played against and beat three excellent local players playing Stark NA/Kindly Man; Bara Black Sails; and Bara City of Shadows/Asshai. All three games were hard fought and not one was a blowout.


My draw was much more consistent with Sam and Tycho, who was nice as an option to add income or draw as needed. As usual, Harrenhal and my Stalwart characters was a great combination. The Blackfish was also a great finisher. Lastly, with Ygritte, Osha, Yoren, Sam and Jon Snow, triggering Betrayal at the Wall became very reasonable. It's great in combination with Retaliation, Forgotten Plans, or nearly anything really.


I'm starting to get a feel for how the deck works. It's full of answers and synergy. The trick is being able to choose which answers to use at which points. 

In this list I would add Ser Jamye Lannister (TK) & Syrio Forel for additional draw.