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Stark Killtacular


Given your general lack of shadows cards (3 isn't enough), and the fact other players often run them, Kingdom of Shadows will hurt you more than help you in a lot of games. I would risk 6 limited cards in this deck and trade 2 out for Northern Fiefdoms or Godswoods. On shadows cards, Arya and Meera don't work well together as you will often want both to come out of shadows at the same time. I'd lose the Arya for a 3rd Meera, or change her to the deadly Arya (who handily also has an intrigue icon and is really efficient in the mirror match).

You need more war crests than you have to benefit from the Frozen Outposts and reliably trigger events. The Bastard's Elite, Northern Cavalry Flank and Fleet from Wolfs Den are the best ones missing from your deck. However, you clearly have a lot of Tullys, and to fit them in you'd have to lose some. I think its going to be very difficult to have a Tully theme and a war crest theme going. I would choose which one you will run with and stick with it.

If you go war crests, a lot of the Tully characters can go (Hoster, Recruiters, 1 Blackfish, maybe a Guard at Riverrun) to accommodate the ones above. I'd also try to get The Power of Arms into the plot deck (lose Manderly's Scheme and/or Men of Pride)

If you go Tully then lose Die By the Sword and Price of War, add in Breaching the Wall and Direct Assault.

Either way I'd remove Eddard Stark, and try to find room for the Reek and the Bolton Refugees and their lovely cheap intrigue icons.

And finally, prized Theon is a character to seriously consider in this deck.

You're got lots of good ideas, thank you.

Replacing the Kingdom of Shadows with the Fiefdoms or Godswood is good idea and I'll probably try them out and see how it goes. I wasn't planning on using KoS for the standing effect, but more for the resource generation. Taking out Arya will be necessary if I do exchange for Fiefdoms/Godswood, like you said.


I have noticed that it has been difficult to activate Die by the Sword and Price of War because of the lack of war crests. I could add a third Riders of the Red Fork and 2 Knights of the Tumblestone for more crests. I'll have to dig to see if I can locate some more characters with those crests as well. Power of Arms would be worth it if I did find more of those crests. The Tully theme is more of a by-product as I happen to have a lot of Tully cards. Taking out Hoster and the Recruiters can easily be done since I can use the Recruiters in my melee deck, which I just posted.


Sadly I don't have either prized Theon, Reek, refugees, Bastard's Elite, or Northern Cavalry Flank. Perhaps someday I'll have them to use. I'll keep them in mind.

Oct 03 2014 11:52 AM

Assuming you have a small card pool, going the House Tully route could be an option. Riverun messenger Isn't bad in a Tully deck (particularly with your low intrigue count) and similarly adding more Knight of tumblestones and Riders will boost your war crest count. Family, Duty, Honor could be viable. I've never tried Manderly's scheme, does it shut down the intrigue challenge for the turn or just slow down power grab?

Plot wise Wildfire may be counter productive if your successfully controlling your opponents board. Although If you have it, The Aftermath might be an awesome choice as it should leave your opponent with 2 characters max.

Why would Meera conflict with Arya? Meera comes out due to an "Any Phase" ability on her card, not during the usual Shadow action, and therefore doesn't count against the once-per-phase limit. Right?