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Stark Wings, Stark Words v3

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I used this deck at the Winter Crown tournament in Stoke, with it coming 2nd overall.

General plays are to get Luwin out turn 1 with at the Gates. My cheap characters pretty much mean I have good board presence with a decent spread of icons. Then its just a case of best using the events I get to get the win.

Winter is in the deck to power Meera primarily, though draw from Samwell, Winter Rangers and Robb also benefit, plus Winter Reserves is a very nice card! I don't use winter unless at least 1 (and preferably more) of these is around, or to remove summer.

This is a nice and powerful deck! I have some thoughts on it, though:

- Why Maester Luwin only 1x? IMO he is MVP in most matches.

- Is Damon good enough? As consistency and setups are an issue with DWDW, I like to stick with 75 cards, and no more - so every card that cannot unfold its best potential should be cut. Same goes for Shaggydog, as you do not have many lords.

- Compelled by the North seems like a lousy event. Lie for you King, on the other hand, is a really nice choice, I think.

- Do you think you have enough economy? Seems a bit tight to me. The third Kingsroad would be a good addition.

Other than that, I definitely approve =)

Luwin is a 1x because he gets searched out with the opening plot so hits the table early anyways. I have a Rider in the deck so the plot isn't wasted if I start with Luwin in hand (though I will often mulligan if he is). Dupes don't help against burn, the most likely spot kill for me to face, and I have Outwit to protect against Valar early. There aren't many other effects that can kill Luwin without the opponent winning a challenge - and this deck can defend very well if needed to. The second copy was a late cut but UI was trying to keep it below 80 cards!

Damon is an amazing card in 60% of matchups and substandard in the remaining ones. Probably is worth cutting to be fair, though when facing someone with an agenda he pretty much guarantees an intrigue win.

Without any text Shaggydog is a solid choice, cost 1 for deadly is a good deal as you virtually guarantee a kill. He also helps setups a bit.

Compelled by the North is a recent addition. It is surprisingly good- so good that I have used Sansa to search for it. When facing a claim 2 challenge, having that strength boost usually makes the difference between winning and losing, and it can really ruin an opponents plans. Finally, its never a dead card since its very easy to trigger (you only have to kneel a defender) so you can replace it for another card if necessary.

Economy - yes it is tight. However, the deck has answers to that. Firstly, the opening plot is effectively 6 gold, and there are 4 other decent gold plots. Secondly, the cost curve is fairly low. I have never yet had a problem of too little gold. I wanted a relatively low amount of locations to help with the variance of the deck. That said, having seen it perform so well I would consider a 3rd Kingsroad.