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Tully Military


I find that in a deck that doesn't use influence, Crossroads tends to slow things down for economy unless you get it out in set up. I also don't run more than 1 chamber (Lord Eddards Chamber fior this deck) because after you play the first one the second is a dead draw. I suggest switching these out, maybe for Frozen Outpost or even another Godswood. And how often do you use your Narrow Seas? If you don't often need them, then maybe take one out.

You also may want to consider the LoW versions of Catelyn and Robb since Cat becaomes very difficult to kill and drops any attachments that get on her, and Robb can power up your Tullys even more.

Lastly, even though she isn't a Tully you should consider adding at least 1 Brienne of Tarth (PotS) because she stops you opponents triggered effectsfor the whole challenge, including saves.

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Apr 13 2015 11:42 AM

Thanks for the comments. I may look at my usage of Crossroads and multiple chambers - I like having 2 copies of the Chambers to ensure the draw but obviously the second is a dead card. Crossroads are currently just a filler resource and could easily be switched for a better option - Street of Sisters if I could ever get hold of any. Narrow Seas I use quite a lot, they can give a real boost to board presence.

Might sound strange to say but as good as Frozen Outpost is all of my 3 copies are in another deck - I know they're almost an auto-include but I'm keen to only list the cards I have to hand and don't really like switching physical cards between different decks if I can avoid it. Same goes for the LoW Cat and Robb.


Brienne might not be a bad shout though...