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Targ WarDragons


My focus with this one was dragons and war characters, increasing the claim with pike phalanx and buffing their str with power of arms. i did not have enough cards to focus on only one theme, so i included both of them for some variety and left out all the burn and most of the attachment synergies.


What do u guys think?

You should have enough cards at least for the dragon theme alone. You can find a few deck ideas using only core set + QoD for dragons :) 


This one for exemple, that you can improve with KotS and WLL.


Regarding this deck, the main problem in my opinion is that you don't use ambush, which is the main advantage for targ. Dragon fear is OK if you don't have dragon bite, but I would strongly suggest flame kiss (core) instead of the other attachements. This card is so insane I can't consider a single Targ deck without running it. I would also avoid great pyramid/myrish villa and run narrow sea and kingsdom fiefdom instead for the influence and extra initiative. As for the events, westeros bleeds seems unnecessary. I like the others, but it might be worth to find a way to include forever burning and ambush from the plain. For the plots feast or famine/mad king's legacy are also good options. Now for the characters, and even if you want to keep armies, I would still get rid of Khal Drogo (you can't use his effect, so the core set version is much better), Greyworm, Littlefinger, Pentoshi guildmaster, core set Viserion and Warlock's servitors. I would include some hatchlings (QoD), True-Queen's Harbinger (QoD) and Warlock of Qarth (QoD). 

Thanks a lot, i'll try out some of it.

I probably need to say first that the main focus of the deck came to be the war crest and not the dragons since i have a lot of those and not that much of the cool dragon synergy.

I will include flame kissed, just to direct kill str 2 or lower characters with nice abilities. I like pyramids because they offer reduce by 2 with only one card and i don't have any signifficant card draw sadly, even though i noticed that no pro players are using reducers by 2 in their decks(i guess they're too expensive in setup or something?) I did not use ambush or burn extensively just because i don't have enough cards to make it work, i feel like, and i wanted to focus on the war crest first and foremost, with some sweet possibilities for dragons. Ambush from the plain instead of westeros bleeds seems like a good idea, even though WB is my only kind of reset because i don't feel like i need/can use valar. Mad King's legacy is a great idee, didn't think of that one.

And for the characters, i'd like to keep the war crest strong and drogo is great with the crest and deadly, so the killing is real.