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2nd Place Crane/Phoenix Deck - Release Event (Athens 90 players)

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Tags: ComboControl
Clan: Crane
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Spending fate on good characters is the key for board control.

Occasionally you will win by breaking the enemy stronghold.

You always need cards, so you will bid high most of the rounds

Characters like Guest of Honor, Kakita Asami, Asahina Storyteller, Steward of law are cards that can give you easy wins, if you use them properly. ( Don't need to mention the champion 😛 )

Try to discard the opponent hand every round, if it's possible. Abuse the Earth ring.

Use Display of Power to stop the opponent from claiming a specific ring or
to keep your characters ready for the next attack

That's it. Enjoy!
Sample Hand:


    A correction: Keeper of water and Νight Raid instead Keeper of fire and Meditations of the Tao.

      • t0biwan359 likes this
    Oct 16 2017 05:43 PM

    You write that you sometimes when by breaking a strong hold. Are you honoring out your wins otherwise?


    How does the Storyteller help you win? Only deck I had it in, I opted not to use it. I obviously do not see its power yet.

      • Kasukaru likes this
    Oct 16 2017 05:52 PM

    I guess he draws multiple cards from storyteller he plays around him giving him 3-4 fate

    You win by dishonoring your opponents, not honoring yourself. The Storyteller can help you draw more cards + good stats. Drawing more cards than your opponent it's an easy way to win.

      • t0biwan359 likes this

    Great deck, thanks !

    Don't you think that a card for breaking attachments could be useful ?

    Also, do you think that a phoenix splash is better for dishonouring than a scorpion or a crab splash ?

    Ι think an anti-attachment card would be usefull, but Phoenix splash is better than any other splash atm( I tested dragons too --> not so good), so you don't have cards for breaking attachments. Also, i think that the negation of opponent events is more important then breaking attachments. 

    Dishonoring it's not this deck's game play. I won by dishonoring 'cause my opponents were playing assasination or bidding high, or some other cards with honor cost.

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    i personaly remove one steward of law and add one Perfect gift . seems to helps lots of the times .

    Perfect gift = +1 card for your opponent. It's not a good card imo. Same way for Doji Gigt Giver. On the other hand Steward can give you +1 atk, protection from dishonor and combo with For Shame. 

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