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Constant Vigilance

- - - - -

Tags: ControlExperimental
Clan: Crane
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
The Core:
This deck revolves around three concepts: Bid low and get your opponent to drain their own Honor, Honor and Dishonor as many characters as you can, and place Watch Commander on your three drops and use increased stat value from glory ratings to force your opponent to either relent their challenges, or put themselves in critically low amounts of Honor.

A large portion of this deck dedicated to mitigating the lack of card draw from bidding honor. A high portion of zero cost events and attachments means you shouldn't hesitate to use The Artisan Academy every Conflict Phase. If you reveal your control cards like Voice or Honor, For Shame! and Admit Defeat, don't think of it as giving your opponent hand information (by playing Crane, they'd figure you'd be running these cards anyway). If seeing these cards stops their plays? Good. If they "bait" it out? Better. More throughput for you. The other zero cost events, you shouldn't hesitate to use aggressively. Way of The Crane? Stats and honor generation --especially if Savvy Politician is on the board. Banzai will help make up for your lack of Mil strength, particularly in the early game.

Your prime tutor target for The Perfect Gift is Watch Commander. Three copies of Doji Challenger, Asami and Kaezin increases your chances of getting your Watch Commander into Good Omen engine going by round two or three. If the enemy bows them after you've assigned them to a challenge, keep it mind theiy're still participating in the challenge even if their no longer adding stats, so Watch Commander remains a threat.

Win Cons:
You are NOT looking to reach 25 Honor. It probably wont happen. But you can bleed your opponent of theirs. If they get down to five honor or below. Aggressively dishonor their units and use Noble Sacrifice to remove threats and bring them closer to oblivion. You should be attempting an Air Challenge every round. Assassination is looking to be a popular card in the core meta. As long as you don't invest too many attachments or Fate into your one and two drops, the card will help you more than it helps your opponent in the long-game. If your opponent is First Player and winning Air Challenges against you, they're using one of their Ring Claims just to stay alive. Alternatively, use the Honor/Dishonor system to stifle your opponents card draw over the game. If it seems like you'll never kill them with Dishonor, hit them with a five Honor bid (they should start bidding low on round three or four) and reverse the card advantage. Use Glory stats to out-tempo them in Political challenges one province at a time.

That's about it, I hope you enjoy it :)
Sample Hand: