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Crab/Lion deck Top 4 Winter Warfare Athens(64 players)

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Tags: ComboControlTournament Quality
Clan: Crab
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
The deck is a heavy field pressence deck,you do not need to rush the game.

It is not recommended for a new player or a non-control experienced one.

You have an equal force of political and military skill, you control the game with crones for the first 2 turns so your opponent can't play assasination or for shame! easily.

You Aggressively pass that is why you play 10 holdings. You only need to play 1-2 characters at the time spend fate on them.In the rest of your turn you play your confict characters the crone ALWAYS with at least 1 fate and an iron mine for cover if able.You charge the big guys mostly crisis breaker.

Muligan for at least 1 holding,yasuki,breaker and envoy.Bid 5 first turn and at least 3 in the second one.You need cards and you need your conflict characters to drop so you'll have one extra defence/attack

If you win turn one and two so you have the favor.You will snowball easily and break everything sooner or later.

For spies at court try dishonoring yasuki or witchunter you wont get assasination or i can swim you have iron mines and reprieve to get you safe.

If you want to overwhelm your opponent spam imperial storehouse with rebuild so you can get the card you need.

You must make a pretty difficult micromanagement.Try getting a pass with 4-5 fate and finish the turn with 2-6.

It is not a defensive deck so you must try breaking a province once a round,hit it twice if it doesn't die. :P

It has a fantastic all round match up and wins other military decks easier than other crab decks.You do not dishonor your opponent.
It has a bad match up with dragon/crab other spashes don't work well vs this crab/lion.

I hope you like it!!
Crab the world!
Sample Hand: